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More impact, more ROI. We multiply the power of your advertising through effective buying, integration and analytics. Targeted, efficient and responsive media plans with market leading insight and value.

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  • Regional TV
  • Subscription TV
  • Connected TV
  • Out of Home
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Over 20 years of experience means we have extensive IP and a huge Data Warehouse so we know what type of media and messages work and what don't.

ADAD has a fine-tuned process that allows us to assess, develop, implement and optimise campaigns and drive scalable ROI for brands.

Infact, we have such confidence in our approach we can even do it on a 100% performance billed basis with our Pay For Results offering.

  • Brand
  • Retail
  • Product Launch
  • Seasonal Promotion
  • Direct Response
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Sales forecasts
  • Response Rates
  • Conversion Rates
  • Customer Value
  • Time of Day/Day of Week
  • Genres/Environments

The power of total TV.

TV today has evolved. It is consumed when we want on the device of our choice. We know TV drives massive impact for brands, and this evolving landscape provides exciting opportunities to leverage the mass reach of Traditional TV with the precision targeting of Connected TV to reach your customers.

Highly scalable and efficient, our TV media buying is powered by market leading insight and value across both Linear and Connected TV. Plus, when you multiply the impact of our smart TV strategies through effective integration, you get more reach, more frequency, more ROI.


Tune into audio

With an enormous variety of podcasts, streaming audio and radio stations appealing to different interests and ages, audio reaches consumers in a targeted, engaging, and personal way. But which options provide the most relevant audience, most compelling formats and best value opportunities?

We know how to deploy audio to both grow awareness and interest in a brand as well as drive a measurable direct sales response. A powerful channel to include in your media mix.

Ask us how audio could drive dividends for your brand.


Everywhere you look.

It surrounds us every day and delivers huge audiences. Out Of Home provides brands with a creative stage to be distinctive and cut through, and when paired effectively with other media channels drives a strong multiplier effect.

OOH is a powerful driver of both awareness and ROI and we can help you assess the most effective Outdoor formats:

  • Bus/Tram/Rail
  • Shelters
  • Phone Booths/Kiosks
  • Airports
  • Taxi/Transport
  • Shopping centres
  • Office lifts
  • Universities
  • Medical
  • Convenience

Your customers are
one click away.

Powerful media campaigns include a mix of awareness generators and conversion drivers to deliver maximum sustainable growth.

Through years of testing and learning, we know how to integrate paid search, social and display into campaigns to reach your customers across all stages of the sales funnel and drive profitable consumer action.

Let us help you navigate and integrate effective social, search and digital activity to drive increased ROI.

  • Search
  • Social
  • Digital Video
  • Display

A rapid growth

We help early stage businesses dramatically accelerate growth. Our media-for-equity model scales your brand with proven advertising strategies that build fame and win customers. Increase your reach to reach your potential.


Guaranteed hits.

We offer a Pay For Results TV option. This means you could enjoy 100% performance based TV advertising where you only pay for the specific advertising outcome that you value.

Whether the consumer action you're seeking to drive is a web visit, phone enquiry, sale or some other measurable outcome, we simply work with you to determine the fee for each "action" then invest our own capital into creative, production and media. You are only billed for the "actions" the activity drives at the agreed Cost Per Action.

In this way you can have both a 100% performance based advertising channel and an agency with skin in the game.

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