your advantage.

We leverage our high-powered attribution and analytics platform, ADAD iQ, to track and optimise your campaign’s performance and drive increasingly improved ROI.


No room
for guess work.

ADAD iQ is our own advertising intelligence platform. It is a bespoke analytical solution. ADAD iQ delivers clear and actionable insights to improve advertising effectiveness.

ADAD iQ tells you what is working, what isn’t, and what needs to be done about it. It gives granular visibility into your advertising’s effectiveness and provides you with clear steps to get more from your advertising budget.

Every day we analyse huge amounts of advertising response and sales data to unearth actionable insights that improve our client’s ROI.

A lot of agencies talk the talk when it comes to data analytics but how many will put their own cash at stake? We know ADAD iQ works and we back it every day with our own money through our Pay For Results TV offering.


Experience is
the best teacher.

Over twenty years of insights and key learning’s across a range of industry categories delivers you a competitive edge.

Experience across TV Advertising, Search, Social, Radio, Print, Outdoor – all deployed effectively, efficiently based on real world experience and made answerable to your bottom line.

We developed unmatched insight into:
Best performing mediums, markets, networks, programs and genres. Optimal spend levels to minimise media wastage and maximise ROI.

  • Econometric modelling and response/sales forecasting
  • Which time of day, day of week, performs best
  • Which markets are likely to drive the best outcomes
  • Where the best response rates and conversion rates are generated
  • Where you are winning the highest value customers
  • The impact of TV and mass media on you other channels

Nothing makes up for experience. Let us help you identify and unlock untapped opportunities.

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