We help early stage businesses dramatically accelerate growth

Our media-for-equity model scales your brand with proven advertising strategies

Increase your reach to reach your potential

No other media for equity agency can compete with what we offer

We have an 18 year proven track record of driving powerful business results for our clients. We know what type of media and messages work and what don’t. We know what combination of mass media and digital will drive greatest awareness and customer acquisition. And we don’t stop there. We multiply results by leveraging our high-powered attribution and analytics platform to optimise the media performance to drive increasingly improved ROI.

When planning and buying media, no other agency comes close to our value advantage. Benefit from a team with unmatched insights and a strategic relationship with all national TV media networks forged by placing more spots every year than any other independent agency. And when it comes to media for equity, being independent matters. You are not excluded from taking advantage of any media. Every channel is available. Every day-of the week. Every part of the day and every program type.

Value matters too when you’re exchanging valuable equity for advertising. You want to be certain you are getting the best value, the most efficient and effective approach in exchange for the precious shares in your business.

A rapid growth opportunity

For young companies with high growth ambitions, removing the cost of media and advertising for a small equity stake means you can seize the opportunity now to bring your message to millions of Australians and turbo charge your growth.

Our advantage is your advantage

  • Our media buying is highly effective, highly scalable, and cost efficient.
  • We cover 100% of the costs of the media planning and buying.
  • Use our strategic toolkit to tailor your strategy to suit your target market and objectives.
  • Benefit from our deep relationship with all national media networks.
  • Optimising media effectiveness is in our DNA. It is what we do day in day out.
  • Raise awareness and drive rapid customer growth.
  • Strengthen your brand position to attract investors.

Take your business to the next level

Our media for equity model is suitable for young, ambitious companies that already have a stable business operation. One with a strong customer base and a product or service that’s going well. If you’re are at this growth stage of your business and looking to attract as many new customers as possible to boost your revenues, let’s talk. This is when our investment can connect your message with millions of Australian consumers to dramatically accelerate growth.

Adad Media Growth

Investing in our client’s success

Our support has been the secret weapon for established brands and promising new businesses launching or growing market share in the Australian market. We have put our own capital into countless successful campaigns to drive huge growth for brands in multiple categories.

Adad Media Growth

Meet our investing team

Team Wally Muhieddine Managing Partner
Team Tracey Gabriel Head of Client Growth
Team Luke Dean Managing Partner
Team Emma Zrnic General Manager,
Media & Operations
Team Matt Kitchener General Manager,
Strategy & Measurement

Our team of experts work closely with emerging businesses so they can unlock massive growth. We create ads for every screen, ads that connect, ads that work and tailor targeted media plans with a single-minded focus on delivering masurable, scalable commercial outcomes.


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